Xbox 720 Processor is more powerful than Wii U

Posted by Aeriplay On April - 20 - 2013

The Xbox 720 maybe making use of the AMD Radeon HD 8000M series graphics chip. Which we all know would trump the graphic capabilities of the Nintendo Wii U. According to a leaked slide from AMD, they are working on game development, namely consoles.

AMD had the slide titled “AMD Radeon Leads the way in Gaming”. On this slide you can clearly see a section titled “Console” that states, “The graphics technology of choice in-game consoles”. But could this be for the Xbox 720, the PlayStation 4, or maybe both? Or maybe neither?

Analysts and rumor mongers are split on whether this is the chip of preference for next generation consoles. While Microsoft has not confirmed anything about their next generation console, developer units are sent and are rumored to be housing AMD GPU’s and CPU’s.

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