Nvidia: PlayStation 4 GPU vs Xbox 720 GPU

Posted by Aeriplay On April - 21 - 2013

In the presentation slides above, Nvidia compares console vs PC performance over a number of years. More interestingly, Nvidia’s claims that its Titan is three times more powerful than the PlayStation 4 AMD GPU, and even more powerful than the Xbox 720 GPU (also rumored to be made by AMD).

It would appear that Nvidia has some inside information about the Xbox 720 hardware, as the console is represented on the graph. Again according to the slide, the PlayStation 4 GPU is rated about 2,500 GPU FLOPS higher than the Xbox 720 GPU.

It looks like the PlayStation 4 GPU is only marginally more powerful than the Xbox 720 — about 10%, according to Nvidia. We’ll have to wait until Microsoft reveals the full specs before we can compare, but we doubt there will be that much of performance difference between the two consoles.

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