New Miiverse feature revealed

Posted by Aeriplay On April - 1 - 2013


Nintendo revealed a list of upcoming features for the Wii U social network Miiverse and these are the list.

  • Improve interactions with games, create a deeper integration with them
  • Ability to send and receive comments, follow users, view followers, etc all from within games
  • Launch games from posts on the Miiverse timeline/page
  • New features with Miiverse posts, e.g. players will be able to launch into game and specific level from a Miiverse post
  • User-made “sub-communities” will become more widespread
  • Limited access communities would have codes to join, and only those who own the game could join
  • Tournament feature — organize and hold tournaments for games
  • Potential to link “stage editors” to Miiverse

There’s no release date on when these new features will be available, but Nintendo is hard at work on keeping Miiverse up to date.

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